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Bright Portable Work Lights and Temporary Lighting Systems:

Model B3700
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Light Output wpe14.jpg (38202 bytes)
Power Used: 95 Watts
Weight/Length 12 lbs/ 5ft 6 in.
Four (4 ft) lamps in a rugged package that weighs only 12 lbs.
Comparison to a standard One (4 ft) 40 Watt fluorescent work light:
The B3700 provides over 3 times as much light, weighs less, is more durable & water tight, and is nearly twice as energy efficient while providing better quality lighting.
Wherever good work lighting is needed to insure safety and quality workmanship, the B3700 can reduce the manhours and downtime required to install work lights.
Model B3703
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Light Output wpe15.jpg (28045 bytes)
Power Used: 80 Watts
Weight/Length 10 lbs/ 4ft 6 in.
Four (3 ft) lamps in a rugged package that weighs only 10 lbs.


Model B3702
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Light Output: wpe16.jpg (21130 bytes)
Power Used: 60 Watts
Weight/Length 8.5 lbs/ 3ft 6 in.
Four (2 ft) lamps in a rugged package that weighs only 8 1/2 lbs.


NEW:The light of our biggest light in a compact size:

Model B6700

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Light Output:
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Power Used: 90 Watts
Weight/Length 8.5 lbs/ 3ft 3 in.
Lamp Life: 20,000 hrs :    you would need to buy 133 (100 watt bulbs) to get the same light/life as one set of lamps in a B6700


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